14 thoughts on “Have a Gratitude Attitude

  1. Hi, I have discovered your blog from the comments on the theme’ moving from wordpress.com blog to wordpress.org’. I can see you are still on your wordpress.com blog, are you content with your choice? I was also thinking about passing to ‘wordpress.org’ but not sure if it’s worth.. How about your own domain? Thak you for your help, I didn’t know where to post it, hope you don’t mind!

    • Hi Natalia, my belief from what i researched was that a .com is always better for web traffic, business, products or pure blogging. However .org is better for a site that is educational and less business like, a bit like comparing wikipedia to thisismyblogproduct.com… I do have my own websites, i actually chose to go with .coms in the end since there are many deals that allow you to have multiple sub domains within domains i.e you can have several .com domain websites for the price of one.

      But more to your question. What i did was bought a .com, at some point i am going to move this blog to a .com if it remains popular and i hit around 1000 visitors per month, apparently 1000 visitors is good for a free WordPress site and is a good time to move over.

      When you get your own domain you can always move your current free blog site with WordPress to your own custom domain. It costs a little money so i would advise that if you are a frequent blogger and are considering a future adsense blog/business/product type site i would get a custom domain from host gator, i bought a site on a 50% off deal and saved lots of money.

      After that you can choose wordpress to move your current free blog over to that paid custom domain or simply begin from scratch. Any further questions feel free to post in my ‘about/my profile’ section on my blog at the top of my blog page. Good luck :)

      • Thanks Jay. Having a look at your blog, this looks like mine’ wordpress. com’ at the end. But it looks like upgraded, am I wrong?
        I was thinking of having my own domain and maybe buy an update, to have more functions on my blog; What do you think? Sorry, kind of difficult for me all these technical details.
        Custom domain?is this the same as ‘buying your own domain’?? Thanks for your help.

      • Hi Natalia if you mean’t mine looks upgraded it isn’t but rather i have tweaked some of the free options i get with this theme, my site is still a free wordpress sub domain. The ‘wordpress’ part in your website name means it belongs to wordpress. But when you get your own site obviously the wordpress bit disappears.

        If however you get .org you will get all the goodies with it such as access to add ons etc and easy upgrading. If you get .com you will have to do all the updating yourself. However with my current .com that is self hosted (it isn’t this site but another one) it allows wordpress as a ‘template’ even though it is not hosted by wordpress. That means you can still have your current theme on a .com.

        ‘Custom domain?is this the same as ‘buying your own domain’??’
        Yep but by this i meant specifically ‘self hosted’. You can host your own .com (custom) or wordpress can host it for you through org with all those goodies they offer (most of which do cost to buy unfortunately).

        The difference? If you do not understand the technical side of website building .org would be your best friend (if you can afford it). If you understand website building or are interested in getting better at it (building a business etc) then get self hosted .com. Sometimes it is better to get to terms with the site if your new to it all. I had to use jayrando.wordpress.com 6-12 months before getting used to it (understanding how it works). Only when i got better at using it did i consider buying my own site. So i suggest if you are new to wordpress to give it a while before buying so you get a feel for the dashboards options etc.

        The downside to .org is how much it costs. The downside to .com is that you would have to install all the plugins and edit some of the html coding yourself at times. Of course i chose .com though because i don’t believe it is all that hard to get a self hosted.com and set it all up, its fairly easy. But again this depends on how good with the technical side you are.

        I hope this makes some sense and you can feel free to ask any questions whenever you have any. When i first came to buying a site it was quite confusing to me too lol (you are not alone). You will understand it 100% in due time though. Good luck :)

      • Thanks Jay, I feel better now :). I really like your blog and maybe I will have to look for another theme too, as yours looks very good! Thanks you for helping me! I will let you know what I decide. Have a nice weekend!

      • Also your blog looks awesome, love the ideas you have presented on it. Of all the blogger sites wordpress definitely the best and most easiest interface :)

    • Hey Solo thanks for the post and encouragement, i have been away for quite few months but I am thinking of making a comeback at some point in the future, there are some inspiring articles in the works.

      Right now i am just sorting out some things related to living issues and coming up to finishing a project so i will probably be back and make a post on my return (what i’ve been up to recently etc). Good to see you are doing good too mate. Keep in touch :) Talk soon

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  3. Great article Jay and so true. Whenever hubby and I are having trying times either one of us will pull out “the gratitude list” or just say one thing we are grateful for which leads to much more. Very good way to turn a frown upside down! :-)

    • Thanks for the comment Jackie, a gratitude list is a great idea. It only makes us appreciate more what we are given and take our focus way from the bad things and focus on the good. There was an experiment done in psychology and that was the people who write down the bad things in a list rather than good things in life are more likely to have a bad week (suppose it makes sense haha). So writing down the good things is both a great and clever way to focus on them sub consciously :)

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