Signs He/She only likes you as a Friend

does he she like me as friend

This is more of a refresher post for the anyone who can’t decide whether that special one in their heart has mutual feelings; there are many signs that a someone only likes you as a friend and these are made pretty clear from the beginning when you meet someone.

There are some people who will show interest later in your friendship but this is usually because they are childhood friends who don’t want to risk your friendship for something that might not work out i.e a relationship. If you have just met this person recently they are more likely to show interest in the first 1-6 months of meeting you. This happens when you meet new people because they had nothing to lose in the first place however some people are still afraid to ask others out or put themselves out there.

Some people will be your friend initially and do actually want to ask you out for a date at some point but the more successful people who do go on dates allow things to happen on their own, they simply allow a relationship to form rather than forcing it to happen. So if you want a relationship to bloom simply allow it to in its own time, watch out for signs of interest and if you see none simply be patient and get on with your life.

I think that if a someone really wants to be with you in a relationship they always make it known some how no matter what, my thinking is that if you have come here to see the signs of friendship then it is probably more likely the person is looking for friendship. Why? Because what you should do is look for signs he or she is interest – not the other side of the coin which is – signs he or she only like me as a friend. One is more positive than the other as well.

I advise too that you should give people hints so that they know you are somewhat interested but do not put yourself out there, I always say that if someone likes you in any form they will make it easy for you to approach and ask them out. If someone does not respond with interest think – 1 step backwards. The point is that if your interest is not reciprocated you must step back otherwise you will end up going for the kill when the signs were not even there to begin with.  Instead of focusing on how friends act look at the positive signs someone gives you when they are around you, they are usually signs of interest. If someone is interested they are going to show you positive signs right? Signs of negativity from others or people simply acting the same around you with everyone else is a sure sign they only like you as a friend. Friends are treated like friends, people who are relationship material get the special treatment from anyone interested.

Sometimes it is fair to say that not every person will like you in a loving relationship way, unfortunately that’s the harsh part of life; this is the same for both sexes. If you do ask your best friend out or show clearly your interested you must be prepared that this person may feel awkward around you for a while or at least, if this happens simply allow the person to have time away from you whilst you let them come out of the woodwork in their own time. One rule also: do not ask someone out twice, the first time is enough.

Here are the signs he or she likes you as a friend only:

  • Treats you the same as other people of the opposite sex.
  • Is comfortable around you and acts the same around you as everyone else.
  • Doesn’t spend all his/her time with you.
  • Doesn’t give you any special treatment.
  • Isn’t over protective of you – he/she cares about you but not like crazy.
  • Sets you up with guys/girls you can date.
  • Spends the same amount of time with you like the rest of his/her friends.
  • Doesn’t get jealous of other guys/girls in your life.
  • Doesn’t give you kisses/close cuddles, he/she will if you are close friends.
  • Is not super sweet or super nice to you.
  • Speaks only about general discussion and not personal discussion.
  • Doesn’t ask you out or at least show any sexual attraction.

If you wish to see the signs of someone who is interested in you, please check out the links below.

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6 thoughts on “Signs He/She only likes you as a Friend

  1. Well I’m still confused, she is and isn’t interested!? It’s like she spends way more time with me than her friends. The awkward silence and all yet she’s my best friend. I often pay for the food but she sometimes gets ahead of me and pays. She dresses up real nice around me with make up and all and hates it when I see her without make up. She also likes surprising me and what not but Im still not quite certain if it’s just because we are best friends.

    • Hi Alex. If she spends more time with you its a good thing but of course you need to weigh up why you would believe your only a friend to her? The problem with ‘best friends’ is that its hard to make a jump into a relationship if you have been friends for a long time, she would be scared too.

      Though having read your post the fact she dresses up nice around you (or for you) and sometimes pays for you are good signs. Furthermore a girl who does not like to be seen without a makeup is a good sign, but is she like this with you or all guys? If she surprises you often its because shes into you. If you want to test if shes into you, see if shes open to seeing you on most occasions, if she is then she is into you. If she doesn’t mind being alone with you shes into you and is receptive to intimacy. Good luck

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